Personal Promise

I have made a personal decision to not read Trump supporters comments anymore, they are some kind of different and special…

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I made the decision after I read someone supporter saying that “snowflakes” are just jealous that Melania is far more beautiful than “Michael Obama” … I kid you not that they called her that…Yet some how calling Michelle Obama a transsexual and all sorts of things makes them the better person? While saying at the same time “Gotta support the boss’s wife”

Trust me when I say “snowflakes” are not ‘triggered’ by Melania’s beauty, they are triggered by her most obvious lack of a back bone. The most ironic cause she “supports” is cyber-bullying -.- Personally, I think both women are gorgeous, but being gorgeous is not an “achievement” and being “gorgeous” wont work for the rest of your life…Your brain will, your education does.

Putting one down doesn’t make you the better person. It was just this one profile that pushed me…It’s just not worth it, they just have the special way of thinking…They truly do.


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