Flashback Friday

Last Friday I saw a lot of Tweets or Twitters about how John McCain isn’t American and how he’s a traitor and blah, blah…You know, the type that seems to think the whole of America voted while living in America and should perfectly well know that only a little over half of American even voted, keep telling American celebrities they should stick to acting, even though they elected a celebrity. Talk about shooting and using the second amendment to hurt Liberals just because they don’t agree, but it’s the Liberals dividing American…You know, those types.

Has anyone mentioned to them that politicians do this all the time? That it’s something they should be used to be by now? Politicians will say one thing and then do the other? I mean have the even seen what their President has said and changed himself? Do these people know anything about politics or is it just more how “unfair” they think they’ve had it?



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