*I just want to start this off by saying that these thoughts are literally my own thoughts, I do not recommend or wish to dissuade anyone*

I recently read an article (please press the link): “I call him my rapist”  . Breaking the article down it is about a woman (and yes men can be raped too) In this situation though, it’s about a man raping a woman. After years of no one doing anything about her case, and being told that her files from her visit to the hospital had been destroyed and then finding out that they HADN’T been destroyed! As well as the AVO she had out on the guy had “accidentally” been destroyed. Over a 16 year period the guy ended up doing the same to at least three other women (that they know about) BUT they decided to make the cases separate, so the jury would never hear how he did this too other people. He was acquitted.

The lady then decided it was about time someone did something and so she posted the guy’s address. Which then instigated a whole load of backlash and even threats of arrest, because we have to wait and let “Justice” take it’s course.

This is why I am so on the fence, it does make me feel uncomfortable for someone to post someone’s address, whether or not they did something. On the other hand, I can completely get where this women is coming from. The irony in threatening her with legal ramification is just also kind of laughable as well. When she did come out with his address as well other women then came forward, thinking they were the only ones who he had done this too. How can someone whose been raped, has the proof and yet has been the one being threatened to be charged with something?

How does it come too that?

Yet, still, people cannot figure out why people do not go the police.

One thought on “Uncomfortable

  1. I can see why you’d be on the fence. I can also see, like you said, where she’s coming from. I think it was an act of desperation. The justice system is failing her and those other women. If they had done their job she wouldn’t feel the need to do what she did

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