See inside Ipatiev House where the Russian Royals were executed…

I have been so fascinated with all the programs of the executed Romanov family that were brutally murdered. I’m not 100% sure if this year is a significant year for the executions, but there seems to be a lot of works coming out about it, like this one:

See inside Ipatiev House where the Russian Royals were executed (Courtesy of

For a quick break down of who the Romanov Royal Family is, here it is:

  • After the Romanov Royal Family were excuted there has been no royal family to rule since.
  • There have been many rumours that one of the daughters “Anastasia” managed to escape (although very unlikely). Disney even made a movie on this myth.
  • The father or leader of the Royal Family was also known as the “Tsar”.
  • The day after the Royal Family were killed, other close Royal Family members were also killed.
  • Some of the daughters/Princesses did not die easy deaths. Their clothes were sown in with diamonds, which actually protected them from the bullets and bayonets.
  • The time of the actual execution was a big mess as the soldiers were drunk and just threw in gas type bombs, which didn’t just injury the Royal Family, but many of the people in the room.
  • No one knows exactly knows how much influence Rasputin had over the family, but it was definitely a strong old, especially over the Queen Alexandra Feodorvona.
  • You should all watch the documentary “Russia’s Lost Princesses” The Princesses seemed like they were really sweet girls.

Uploaded by: Rosie7p

Published on Aug 18, 2010

Song: Once Upon A December
Movie: Anastasia
Video made by: Rosie7p


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