The Past

28. The Past

This is such a hard one to think about and write about, because I truly do believe that we learn from our past. So I cannot think of just one experience or one situation that I am grateful for from my past, I am so grateful for a lot of things from my past. I guess that I could run with that, but that too me personally is such an easy way out. So, for your viewing, I have thought about a lot of situations and what came out of those situations that have made me the person that I am today.

In my past the thing that I am most grateful for, is my family. When I look back at every single thing in my life, my family (mostly immediate) are the ones who have always been there.

From the several times I’ve been bullied over the years, especially those times with two particular girls who really introduced me too “cuber bullying” I didn’t know how to handle it, every day or every time I’d make a post I’d get attacked. My family were there ones who took care of me, they knew how to keep me from going off the edge. My mum figured out what foods I could eat and actually keep down.

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