Out with the old?

Over the weekend I read an article that was about Amazon opening up their first “bookstore” and I have to admit that I was highly disappointed to hear about their set up.

Amazon Book is redefining bookstores, and we’re not sure what to think about it.

I get wanting to display Kindles and that stuff, I even understand about giving a discount to Amazon customers, but the rest is just wrong. What about people who DON’T want to use cards or an app, and why not have the prices display? I don’t know about anyone, I’m not buying something when I can’t see the price and I’m not using mobile data to find out. I might IF they offered free wifi. What about people who don’t have a smart phone? Not everybody does. I feel like this might do well at the beginning, but go downhill fast.

Has anyone here actually been to the store? Everything I’ve read so far, it’s not well…great. Did you have a good experience, or was it more like this writers?

Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar bookstores are not built for people who actually read (The New Yorker, Jia Tolentino, May 30 2017) … Who after on book she was interested in:

because I didn’t have the Amazon app on my phone, and didn’t want to download it, I needed to pay with a card linked to my Prime membership, and I had left my linked card at home.

The writer then went to another bookstore, and ended up buying books she had wanted or forgotten that she had wanted. She had to pay a little bit more, but like she said “paid from them happily”.


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