I don’t think that I have too many Australian readers on here, but for those who are and for those who are not. One of Australia’s most famous “cold cases” in Australia is the “Beaumont Children“. Breaking it down a little, at Glenelg Beach (which is a gorgeous beach) Australia Day in 1966, three siblings went missing Jane Nartare Beaumont (born 10 September 1956), Arnna Kathleen Beaumont (born 11 November 1958), and Grant Ellis Beaumont (born 12 July 1961).

Their bodies have never been found. It was probably “that” case that changed a lot of things in Australia. Adults felt less safe too let their children go anywhere by themselves (the Beaumont children had gone to the beach on their own). Over the years there have been leads and the case is continually brought up over and over again.

So once again it has made it into the spotlight again, but it seems like it could be something that actually opens the case wide open, if it can be verified….Watch this space for more…

Boy’s diary places convicted pedophile near where Beaumont children disappeared. – 9 News web story (June 8th 2017)

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