What about having both?!

This post was inspired by an article that I read recently about a tv show here called “The Project”. There sort of a news program, there more like the current affair show that came on after the new, but they’re a little more relaxed. Their quote is “News delivered differently”.

Anyways, I’m not here to write about that program. This post was inspired by a particular section that they were talking about “Carrie Bickmore becomes emotional over body image issues” . They were talking about having positive/negative body issues. Carrie became emotional because she feels like she wants to help her daughter (two years old) have a positive image of her body, but feels like it’s getting out of control.

My issue with it, is that it is beyond fantastic to have a good body and healthy image of yourself. However, I feel the first step to get a good and positive body image is to get yourself a good and positive mind.

At the end of the day you can’t hold onto a lot of things regarding your body, if your mind isn’t thinking positively either. We’re human after all, we will have days when we don’t feel good about ourselves and it’s those moments where our minds can really play with us. Our minds playing up can have a lot of impacts on our body and how we view ourselves.

So how about teaching our daughters and young girls to feel settled within their minds first and then our bodies will probably “fall into line” so to speak.

Personally, when my mind is not okay, I don’t honestly care what I look like.


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