Happy Mummy’s Day

So yes this a standard post that a lot of people will posting about today.

I just wanted to say that I hope all the Mothers have a great time today. By all the Mothers I mean ALL the Mothers. The Mothers, The Grand Mothers, the Aunts, the Step Mama’s, the adoptive Mama, the furbaby Mama’s, the Fosters Mums and of course all of the Mums who lost their bubbas ❤

The thing that I LOVE about the women in my family is the strength that the women in my family have. My Mum and my grandmother are probably the two people I respect and admire the most in the world. They were both the first women I knew that had left their husbands, while still loving them, but knowing it wasn’t working anymore. My Gran is so strong in her beliefs of new age which has come from her family and when we looked back at our family history, it is amazing to see the strong women I’ve had in my family. My Great Grand-Mother lost part of her leg due to polio, but it never stopped her. I actually used her walking stick a year or so ago when I developed sciatica and could barely walk.


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