You’d better Stop

I want you to stop…Right now

Stop what you’re doing and read this!


Your size doesn’t make you the person you are

I want to see the body shamers stop right now…I don’t care if you’ve been big and you don’t like smaller people or you’re smaller and you make fun of bigger people…Or people make fun of you because of your size…No matter who you are, if you shame someone for their size. It’s a reflection on you, not them. It shows your insecurities.

I just really wish that people would stop shaming each other, over things that are just not that important. If you’re healthy, that’s the main thing. Just remember, at the end of the day it’s your health that’s either going to keep you happy and allow you to enjoy life, not what someone else thinks of you.

Uploaded by: altgenesis

Uploaded on 5 Feb 2007

Beautiful voice.


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