The Award Goes too…The Blogger Recognition Award + The Versatile Blogger Award

The Blogger Recognition Award


  1.  Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2.  Write a post showing your award.
  3. Tell a brief story about how you started your blog. 
  4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  5. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate.
  6.  Comment on each blog letting them know they’ve been nominated, and provide a      link to your award post.

Just like the fabulous Words and Tonic Blog I was nominated for two different Blogging nominations, so let’s do this thing! By the way, you should definitely go and check out their Blog. It makes for some great reading! Very interesting and a different variety of topics, presented in a humorous tone.

If you’ve been reading my Blog since near the beginning from a couple of years ago. You would know that I started my Blog because of a school project. One of the projects that we had to do was to start up different types of social media Blogs, ones that we weren’t already on, and then answer different questions. I enjoyed using WordPress so much that I just kept going. It is the longest outside of fictional writing that I have kept something like this up. In all my other diaries and journal, I’ve usually gotten about 5 or 6 entries in and then nothing usually happens after that. Sometimes I do think that maybe I should look into private journal apps.



I think this may be the most important rule of all. You have to write for you, you can’t write for anyone else, but you. If you try and force it, or try to Blog to get rich, you’re going to find it more difficult to get yourself motivated. It has to be something that motivates you, you will run out of ideas really quickly if you’re just doing it to be “cool”. You have to be true to you.


I think this one is entirely personal and yet is so hard to choose. You are putting your writings out there and you want people to read them. So this is one of the questions I ask myself, is this any good? If you want people to see your writing, there’s not much point if there’s not much effort behind. Sometimes you’ll find you’ll write a Blog one day that you think is fantastic and then the next day hate it. You don’t have to put it out there, maybe it save it for another day. There’s some Blogs out there that also might be “suited” for different social media platforms. It is an entirely personal decision, but if you are trying to aim your Blog at a certain audience, then you have to make sure that you have the quality from that field.

The Versatile Blogger Award


  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Thank you again Words and Tonic ! )
  2.  Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination
  3. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice
  4. Share 7 facts about yourself

Facts about me:

  • When my dog disappeared, and then when we found her. It still makes me worried about how am I going to cope when she’s gone.
  • It scares me how common sense has just flown out the window…Thank God John Oliver is back! Literally scares me.
  • I love to dress up, I have got so many wigs. I would love to get into Cosplay, but I get worried that if it takes off…Then what?
  • Biologically I am the oldest sibling, but no one believes it…Including myself.
  • I have family members who are alcoholics, so it’s definitely made me more aware, but it doesn’t stop me from drinking either.  However, I have recently noticed that around some groups of people I drink either more or less.
  • I consider myself a realist ideal, so while I like to dream how I want the world to be, I am very aware of how it actually is.
  • Even though I am an adult I still enjoy watching cartoons. I have no problem with just watching a cartoon and instead of having to think and worry, like the more adult and grown up shows. It lets me relax and not think so much.  Sometimes one needs to ground themselves and just relax.


I have decided that I am just going to list nominees for both awards up above. Please don’t feel pressured to do it either.



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