9….How did you do and feel…

52 Week Grateful Challenge

How did you Do & Feel?

Honestly this one really confused me, just how it’s worded…Damn that’s Dyslexia! So, let’s see how I go.

At the end of last week I felt so tired and fed up and “what’s the point” and I have to admit that a dark thought passed through my mind. For a brief second, but it seemed so childish because I started to think about how lucky I am. I have this amazing partner who has been so supportive these last few months. Even my Mum has kind of backed off of me, which by that I mean, she’s backed off with a lot of stuff. Letting me go at my own pace. You know how parents can “bug you”, in their parent way. It’s not mean or nasty, it’s just “bugging”.

So this week I am grateful for a lot because I couldn’t get through this without them. I am pretty much fighting my own mind right now and they are helping me to keep myself distracted. Also though, it’s making me looking at my life just on a whole. Looking at my lifestyle and just how slack I’ve become in taking care of myself. I’ve started eating better now, because it makes me feel better. I’m becoming more active and doing more things and just doing things that make me happy.

I feel more positive, because even though I am going to be starting from the beginning. I am doing something, rather than giving up. I do NOT want this to become the “norm” for me. That’s why I believe I will be alright.

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