This or That? #78


This or That? #78

I nearly didn’t end up doing this at all this week, we’re going through our first busy period of the year this whole month and I am exhausted. I don’t like writing a post if I don’t think it will be of any substantial wording. I like to try and give my readers something interesting to read, instead of me writing googly gook.

SO…Saying all of that Bookmark Chronicles would like to know this week:

Have you ever given a book a one star (out of 5) rating?

If so, give the title and why didn’t you like it (or them if it’s happened more than once).

I haven’t physically given a book on Goodreads or anything like that a one star rating, however, there have been books from my past and Genre’s in particular where I just can’t read them anymore. I have read a few of the Mills and Boons and I just do not get the appeal, to be far too them though, they are definitely written better than 50 Shades. For this reason I tend to stay away from that “Romance” type genre. I wont read a book where the main plot line is romance. Most books will have some kind of romance in it, but usually there is some kind of other story line going on.

I think the thing I have with reading, is that I tend to read books that I want to read or am interested in reading. I very rarely read something I know that I am not going to enjoy, but I would hate to read things “just because”. These days I very rarely give books a 1 star rating because I just try and stay away from books that I know I am not going to enjoy. If you’re not interested, you’re not going to going keep reading.

I can’t even honestly remember the names of the Mills and Boons books that I’ve read because they just all had the same theme, so they kind of melted into one, for me anyways.

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