Number 7

Number 7. A Friend Part…1

Uhh…So this is an interesting one for me because when I first saw the grateful challenge, I actually took a bit of a stumble. At first no one specific popped into my mind. Which clearly sounds terrible because it sounds like I have no friends, which isn’t even true at all. I have a lot, however, the last couple of years my friendships have taken some up’s and downs. Even though they may not realise what they’ve done, or what how much they made an impact. Too me, I’ve felt a little friendless lately. I don’t really trust a lot of my friends anymore. Some I’ve accepted that they will probably never been someone I can trust with my deepest darkest secrets with, but I can still have fun with them.

 For the most part I enjoy being friends with my friends.

When I started to think about it though there is one group in particular that I actually really enjoy chatting with, I look forward to sitting down and chatting with. I just wish that we could actually all meet up! Not have everyone so far away. I would definitely call my Safari Live friends…Well…Friends…We talk pretty much every single day and we are all friends one each other Facebooks and Twitter accounts, as well as having our own little Facebook group. When I think about it, they are one of the main reasons I keep coming back to Facebook. Just so I can see their screen shots of the days safari and chat about it.

So, rather than one friends…I decided to pick a whole group of people and just writing about them, makes me so happy.

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