I’m Blue for You

Down Under this time of year it can be hard for the Single people folk here. See, not only is it Christmas , New Year Eve’s, we also have our Summer holidays. In the Northern Hemisphere you would have your Summer Holidays in the middle of the year. In Australia we have a lot of holidays and catching up and spending the time in the sun, all in the space of about 6 weeks. So it can be really rough and I have a lot of friends who constantly talk about how rough it.

When I was single, I never really worried too much. I handle being single pretty well, I always felt single when I was in relationships, because my ex’s just never felt “there”. However, I digress.

Too help combat the Holidays Blues, I have come up with a list of things that I used to do when I was single. Some of them I used to do when I was dating!

  • Go on a date with yourself.Treat yourself to a movie you want to see and have a nice lunch or dinner, go shopping. This is actually one I started to do when I was with somebody.
  • It’s alright to go on holidays by yourself. Go somewhere that has a nice little cottage and get yourself room service.
  • On a nice day take a nice slow walk, take a nice rug and find somewhere like a beach or a park and just read, or listen to some music on your ipod. This was another I did when I was dating someone, and it was needed.
  • Organise something with your friends, doesn’t matter if it’s all your single friends or just all of them. Just organise something. See if you can make it a regular yearly occasion.
  • Have a marathon movie night, get some “bad food” and some “good drink” and just watch whatever you want.
  • Being  single girl I wouldn’t ever go out drinking in a different place, but some people are up for that.
  • Get more into any hobbies you may have, see if you can find a group somewhere that does your Hobby.

Always remember as well, there is nothing wrong with being single during the holiday period. I would say 100% of people have been single at some holiday time or another. If you don’t feel like going out as well and hanging out with others, don’t do it. This is your life!

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