Karma Part 2

Firstly I am going to repost my post about Karma here that I posted last week.


Please take a read of it and let me know what you think!

The reason for this post though is because I cannot stop laughing about something that happened the day AFTER I made this post and thought that I would share. So to break down my previous post. It’s all about how I see Karma and that it’s not just one big event that happens to someone that had wronged you, but something they have to live with every day. So don’t hang around waiting for something to happen.

The day after my original post, a big karma event happened to someone who had humiliated me publicly. I try to be a good person, but even I had to have a little evil snicker. Well more than a snicker, but I was talking to someone who had no idea what had gone on. They know I knew some people from this gaming area, but they have no idea how horrible they were. I was actually trying to support their business, and I actually enjoyed going and playing games there, so one of the co-workers, one of my ex’s best friends, added me to their Facebook business page. I swear the owner and one of my ex’s best friends, put in all capital letters (My ex and I have a lot of mutual friends in common, that’s how we met) “WHY HAVE YOU ADDED HER?” I felt so humiliated and I never went back. I found out later that he had told other people “I shouldn’t have done that”….He never said it too ME though. Ever since, his business has had problems. I found out that now his second business is probably going to be gone soon.

Not only that but someone very close to me has been harassed by a customer and this person has been naaasty! My friend said it’s the worse customer they have ever had! They just could not find her order. Well today they found this person has been ringing the wrong company (they still have not rang back to apologise either). Not only that though (it gets better from here!) The person blasting my friend, is working for a company that is given a special extra discount for exclusively working with my friends company. Which means that they can NOT get parts or anything from any other company. Which means this woman through her own stupidity has now gotten her company into trouble, because of her call proving they are working and getting orders from other companies.

So, sometimes Karma does work in one big way.

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