Friday Night Thinking and Drinking…

I was so disappointed to read this over the last week. I really love the outfits at Honey Birdette (expensive, but gorgeous) and I know that in the work place you should be presentable…BUT, in all honesty as well, I find that someone who is comfortable, can be the most sexiest thing on the planet!

‘Not Your Honey’ – When Sexual Empowerment Disempowers

It is not empowerment when women are forced to show their bras and wear stilettos just to keep their job. It is not empowerment when women are paid to have people talk to them in unwanted sexually explicit ways. It is not empowerment when women are scared to speak up about feeling uncomfortable in the workplace for fear of losing their job. This is not sexual empowerment. This is not even women empowerment. Silencing sexual harassment allegations and enforcing dress codes that play on sexualising women for the public (read as: male) gaze is disempowering.



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