This or That? #69


This or That? #69

So, this week I want to know……

Do you have a favorite author? If so, who are they? Which of their books would you recommend to someone who has never read their work before?

Well I’m sure if you are a regular reader of mine, you will probably notice that I write a lot about Jodi Picoult and out of all the books I have. I have the most books, written by her, at the moment I have roughly about 22-23 out of her 26 books. I don’t have it, but I have read her book/comic about Wonder Woman. I am sort of anticipating getting her newest book for Christmas as well, Small Great Things

If I had to recommend a book for a first time reader. I would probably recommend Second Glance. Breaking it down it’s about love transcending time and space,  looking at mental illness, looking at Native American culture and rituals, and also taking a look back at a time when people were exploring Eugenics. For those who don’t know what Eugenics is, Eugenics represents a time were some people, roughly from the 1820’s, thought that you could irradiate things like, mental illnesses and what they considered to be “faults” by  selective breeding and sterilisation. Things like not being able to speak or write English, if you stole, if you tried to commit suicide etc.

Second Glance asks if truth is always something that can be measured… and if what can be measured is indeed always true.

It might sound a bit horrific, but one of the reasons I love Jodi Picoult, is because she has found a way to write her books with each characters point of view, without it being confusing. That’s what I love, you get to see the point of view of the character that you would consider to be a “villain”. You don’t necessarily feel sorry for the villains, but you understand better. This is one of the reasons I would choose this book for a first time reader. It has a lot of issues and you never get bored while reading it, but you don’t become confused either…I also had lot of “I didn’t see that coming” with this book as well.


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