The Holiday Blues

I have been noticing a lot of “holiday blues” post over the last couple of weeks and I have to admit that I am kind of feeling them a bit this year. Part of is due to I don’t always feel comfortable going out at the moment. The other part is…it’s just been a crappy year, and the thought of 2017, isn’t looking too much brighter at the moment.

We’ve had very close votes for nearly every single country, all of which has brought out a lot of hate. I do mean a scary amount of hate. The thing is, most of the stuff that’s happening in 2017 hasn’t even happened yet! We’ve been seeing just the run up. No wonder everyone is feeling a little more down this year…It’s been horrifying!

What I try to do when I’m feeling a bit blue around times that should be happy. I try to focus on that occasion. Instead of reading the news, I’ll read if there are any specials on things I need. Instead of reading opinions, I’ll read a good book, full of my own imagination.

I know it’s hard. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are hard to put behind. Think about it like this. If your best friend was getting upset because of these sites and was becoming addicted to these sites. What would you do? It’s an interesting thought that we would be more willing to stop our friends and help them, then ourselves. It’s amazing how even having one day off can make the world of difference.

Clean, Bake, Make and Craft.

The hardest thing is to give yourself permission to take a day off.

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