Another One! How much more can we take? R.I.P

2016 has taken a lot from us, Bowie, Rickman, Henderson, Prince, Wilder, Natalie Cole, Ron Glass…Just to name a few and now they have taken another one!

Popular Australian print magazine, mainly aimed at youth and teenagers, Dolly, have decided to stop printing their magazine after 46 years. For those who don’t know Dolly is a well known Australian magazine that deals with youth and teenage issues. It’s not a heavy amazing as you can probably tell by the picture below. It has mainly bits and pieces that are/were relevant to youth at that time.

International Model and successful business woman, Miranda Kerrs, career was launched with Dolly.

Dolly magazine’s print edition axed after 46 years

Never fear though! Dolly is still around, it’s just online now instead of in a print version, people will be losing jobs though. SO technically not actually dead. Yet, another blow for printed materials though.



3 thoughts on “Another One! How much more can we take? R.I.P

  1. I think its great that its moved online but it does make me feel a little bit sad whenever I hear that a teen mag is no longer in print. They played a massive part in my teen years, and I loved collecting posters and the free gifts taped to the cover… Not to mention that feeling of excitement when you see the latest issue is out. Things you just can’t get online.

    But the costs that go into printing seem to be getting higher judging by the prices of these magazines, and what with everyone’s desire to go green, I guess this isn’t too much of a surprise.

    Still sad though 😢

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