I have a little crush on Matt Smith

Now I try really hard to not pay out someones looks, or call someone ugly, because who am I to do that? I am not Megan Gale! Seriously, the most gorgeous woman on this planet!

This is honestly the first I’ve ever been remotely attracted to Prince Phillip and actually, kind of, want to find out more about him, hehe


4 thoughts on “I have a little crush on Matt Smith

    1. I keep meaning to see Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, but I get worried cause I’ve not heard good things about it…I feel like it’s something I am going to watch over the Christmas break though =D I do that every year,lol

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      1. I actually really liked it!! But I also like zombies, and I thought it was funny. It was enough like the novel/movie adaptations to please me, but also different enough that it was its own story. PLUS, Colin Firth does a minor cameo!

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