Whose dreams do you share?

I just felt like this was an appropriate speech to post, with all the misery and family coming together for various different reasons over a holiday like Thanksgiving. Family coming together vs The Native Americans being wiped out by the invaders.

Sometimes I think I just think differently from other people, kind of like I was born in the wrong era, or the wrong “reality”. Honestly it hurts my spirit, and I use term since I was called a racist for not agreeing that my spirit is less spirtual than some others. “White people sucked out all the spirit”…That is not even how spirit works. I said to this individual though “That’s your Ego talking, NOT your Spirit”… That was definietly a trigger for me. I work with Spirit a lot, I do Reiki, Tarot … Witch craft some may call it! You leave my spirit alone, I’ll leave yours alone.

It was annoying because I was saying that it’s even more important to stand for matters like BLM, to start really educating ourselves on our histories. Stand with Standing Rock, for example. Just recently I found out that Gandhi had slept with younger girls to “test himself”, who knows for sure!…Which I think he ‘passed’ but that clearly is not the issue. How can someone ever learn if they…well…never learn? If they and you are never listened too? Nothing moves forward, nothing progresses. We get stuck in the same fight, the same circles. Sometimes I do few a lot of the fights as frivolous, especially on Instagram, and they never get anywhere. Which information is even correct? So now I don’t argue on Instagram or Facebook anymore.

The reason I’m posting this video and a link to the Speech in written form though? This video soothes my mind, it is exactly what I am trying to say. Martin Luther King is a hero of mine…I feel like we need more people/leaders/great minds like Martin Luther King. He believed we should ALL work together. We ALL need each other. I still, and probably will always, think his assassination is one of the greatest tragedies of our time. It’s nice to know someone out there existed as I think as well.

I am a dreamer, I know that, I can be extremely naive. Possibly even too idealistic. If you could have any dream you wanted to come true though, what would it be?



7 thoughts on “Whose dreams do you share?

  1. I’m not “playing devil’s advocate” or whatever but do you know the ethnicity of the person who made the comment about spirit? Because for some people their culture provides an understand of spirit that (to them) is much “deeper” than Tarot. Not to say that your version and experience of spirit isn’t important or good enough, but that could affect how they viewed your experience


    1. In all honesty I have no idea, it was on Instagram and they had a private profile, so I had no clue what their background might be. They had made comments, I can’t even remember what it was about anymore, cause I just left the conversation before I got more upset. I’ve just gone back to liking pictures of animals on Instagram,lol


  2. You are not a dreamer or naive! Honestly- I disagree with the other person that commented- it’s not ok for people to be racist to you regardless of their background. Luther fought for a time when people would be equal regardless of race- he did not argue that white people should be viewed as inferior. In my experience, the people that say things like this are not in the right.

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      1. Yeah I sort of get it, but it’s not really something to be upset about- if someone wants to get involved in my culture I get excited, not critical. But that’s just me. haha yeah I know the feeling- I stopped posting on fb a long time ago! It’s not worth the hassle!

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