Why the hate with safe spaces?

This is something that might be just me, but has anyone else noticed the hate towards safe spaces recently? Or is it just me?

I mean generally the people making fun or hating on it are white, middle “mentally healthy” class people. This is not meant to be a white people are horrible post, but does seem to be the general norm.

It mainly genuinely confuses me because why do they even care if someone has one? It’s not hurting them or anyone they care about. My bedroom has always been my safe space and let’s be honest who wouldn’t consider their house to be a “safe space”…Unless of course you are actually getting abused in some way of form or other. I think even while you’re attacking someone from behind your computer, do you not do it with more vile, because you feel “safe”? Doesn’t it then make it a “safe space”. How many of these people would actually attack others, face-to-face?

*This was a scheduled post after a random thought I had beginning of last week. I have updated it though to reflect my personal feelings as well about the whole “safe space” and Hamilton/Pence issue* 

Too me, I find it an interesting concept to attack and say a “ban” on the play Hamilton for example, because Pence/Trump felt their “safe space” was being attacked EVEN though part of their campaign was attacking safe space. What I find interesting about people saying to “Ban it” What side were these same people on when they wanted to have stricter gun control after people, their own fellow Americans, were being gunned down outside theatres, by Americans. It’s not like a President has ever been gunned down at a theatre…Oh wait…And yet, they think a well worded speech is an attack on safe spaces? Clearly what I think is an attack and what they think is an attack are two completely different things. Just seems a shame that these people don’t think people actually dying in a “safe space” is still enough to do anything about it…But a well worded, and totally within their rights, speech, is enough? Even though America is all about “Freedom of Speech”.


Is someone able to expand my mind on this? Is it just fear mongering?



9 thoughts on “Why the hate with safe spaces?

  1. Reblogged this on Coalition of the Brave and commented:
    Irony: Those who often complain about safe places, want them for their own purposes.
    I’m thinking of the secret Facebook group “Blokes Advice”, where it was essential to discuss rape and how dare the contents of the ‘safe space’ be revealed; or the incredible areas of reddit and sub-reddit where those that mock safe-spaces are the first to call you out for violating theirs.

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  2. The bigger problem is that Trump and his supporters are the people who say safe spaces aren’t need but now he wants one. People say its millennials/liberals being whiny brats and attack them but not the people who are saying the racist, misogynistic bullshit that makes safe spaces necessary

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    1. It’s part of the reason I’ve stopped trying to have discussions with people lately. It’s alright for them to have one, but not anyone who disagrees with them. They are just SO adamant about it too! It’s like hitting your head against a wall, repeatedly.

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  3. White people (I’m looking at the mirror here too) have been the dominant voice for so long, they don’t like how it feels to be told “you’re not welcome here,” or, more often, “you’re welcome in, but you’re not in charge & you can’t talk over others because your experiences aren’t the focus of this space.”

    Someone way smarter & wittier said, “those who have been the oppressors will see any movement towards equality as oppression.” The fact that white people (or straight people, or cisgender people, or whomever) aren’t included in these “safe spaces” make them useless. & since white (straight, etc.) people still have control over government (especially in America), if it doesn’t help them, it must not be important to everyone.

    Oh, & Trump calling the theater a “safe space,” while I don’t think he meant it that way (I don’t think he’s been influenced by anyone who would want/need/use a “safe space,” & he wouldn’t look it up because it doesn’t affect him since he doesn’t give a s*** about anyone but himself), is easy to explain if he did use it to mean the “safe spaces” he rails against & wants to destroy.

    He’s a giant f***ing hypocrite.

    Sorry for the long rant. Great post, as always.

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      1. He’s a lifelong con man & he’s gonna say what it takes to get what he wants. He also can’t stand anyone speaking badly about him, which is why he denies stuff there’s proof of him saying when it makes him look bad.

        A lot of people have written some amazing posts showing the narcissistic stuff he does/says. How he is really makes a lot of sense when I look at it through that lens.

        He’s still such an awful person. I’d wait in line for 20 hours just for the chance to kick him in the nuts. & I’d pay for the privilege.

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