Suckers for Punishment


This has been a topic for me that has perplexed me this year. Why do people continually talk about how much they “hate” something and yet can’t help themselves and continually watch them and involve them by commenting on every single thing they do? Why can’t people just scroll by?


5 thoughts on “Suckers for Punishment

  1. I guess that’s where the phrase ‘love to hate’ comes from. But I’ve never understood that kind of behaviour either. That’s one of the reasons why I restrict interaction with people I know and am not particularly fond of on social media but can’t delete for whatever reason – the less I see of them, the less I’m reminded of how much I dislike them. Then all is right in the world again!

    1. I have unfollowed so many people on my social media accounts and it has been such a relief. Some people are just completely deluded as well,lol…I have person who does the whole “Get the rid of all the Muslims”…But then the same day will post about how we should love each other and have equality? It’s just better to unfollow,lol

      1. I guess they’re just jumping on the bandwagon du jour!

        Definitely better to unfollow. I feel so much better not knowing what nonsense they’re now banging on about!

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