You might find that I may not reply to comments for the next couple of days, and the posts that I am posting are all scheduled posts. I have decided to go on a social media blackout for a couple of days while the US elections are on.

This is just for my own sanity and not getting into fights over social media, I have a feeling it’s all going to get very passionate and vicious! Especially after the result are in.

I wish you all luck and hopefully we get out of this alive!


4 thoughts on “Breakaway

    1. I have been having more of a hard time when they say that there side has been all pure and as good as gold. When I don’t feel like either side has behaved themselves very well! I’m one of those people who really believes that you can’t fix what you can’t acknowledge.

      1. Yes that’s precisely what I feel! I feel there is far too much vitriol aimed at each other. It’s just not very constructive and there is too much unwillingness to acknowledge each other’s arguments!! I completely agree with you!

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