When does something become unproductive?

*long post incoming*

I’m not even sure how to approach this without offending someone, but it’s kind of the point of this post…Sort of? Let me get to the point. 2016 has definitely brought into my life terms I had never honestly heard of before and I respect them and what they are supposed to stand for. It’s not okay to make fun or mock a cultural. BLM needs to be something we all stand with. You don’t blame the victims of anything, rape, domestic violence, you just don’t do it. There are just things, in my mind, that make sense.

I have noticed a trend though, where some terms like ignorant, which is probably the one I’ve noticed is just thrown around, when you don’t agree with someone. Rather than that person actually be ingorant. Or people on Instagram, for a good example, how they take an image and instead of reading anything, they make a judgement call and they’re usually wrong. I follow Calista the pit-bull. She is a rescue dog, probably the cutest pit-bull you will ever see. Full of love…See her profile here: https://www.instagram.com/calistathepitbull/ …

You may notice she has no ear flaps. This is usually because the dog fighters want the dogs to look more fierce. Even though Calista’s current owners are not the dog fighters, and have an explanation of Calista and what happened to her in the info and nearly every single picture mentions what happened to Calista. They still get death threats and called animals abusers.

Or the comment where someone said “Even if one person is offended by something, you shouldn’t trigger them” How does that even work, it’s just not practical. What if the thing they’re offended by is actually “offensive”. I was recently called ignorant because I would not say that Nefertiti was out in the sun all day building the pyramids with the slaves. Just to prove a point, that we don’t even know if it’s the truth or not. All because someone dressed like Nefertiti and she looked extremely similiar to the well-known bust of the Queen. Some call it a “fake bust” because they think she didn’t look like that, even though we don’t actually know. Her body has never been found, although earlier this year, they think they’ve found her, but haven’t yet found her. So we STILL don’t know, people were getting nasty about it.

Or those women who constantly have to jump all over the topic of violence towards men, just to say “It happens more to women”. So what? We should just ignore it? Honestly, I don’t care if you’re a man or a women, if you’re hurting a child, I really don’t care what your gender is.

My point in this is that people just throwing words around, just because someone doesn’t agree with them, or these knee-jerk reactions. Distracts from the topic and the causes that we should be discussing. Most of the time, I would even say 90% of the time when these things happens. I’ve noticed that people tend to take more of their time fighting about these insignificant things, rather than discussing the topic, or even bothering  to find out more and that’s the problem I have with it.

People think they’re opinions are fact, and that’s it.

For example, you might have heard of the show called “The Block”, there was an uproar when one of the contestants did the black streaks across the cheeks, in jest, but usually represents war face-paint. On the same day a report came out about the shocking number of Indigenous Australian women and children that were being killed by their partners, at an alarming rate. Guess which one most people heard about and got upset about? As the tv show host said “It is dangerous, because you are literally taking the focus off of lives lost, for something in the grand scheme of things, is just not that important.”. THAT is what worries me too.

I feel like I have to say as well, I am NOT in anyway trying to demean or make violence against seem women seem less. To me though, trying make violence against men seem less is not okay either. If you’re hurting children, I really don’t care what your gender is.


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