I’ve only just heard about the disgusting reception that NFL star Colin Kaepernick received, I think, last week at a game at Buffalo.

Read article here: Kaepernick cops vicious abuse in Buffalo

Just reading about the whole situation, I think it’s shameful that Colin Kaepernick decided to stand up for something he believes is a problem in his country right now and it’s being received like this, maybe not shocking to me, but disappointing. I find it a little ironic that instead of people putting two and two together. They decided to sell t-shirts with a target on Colin Kaepernick, which is EXACTLY what he’s protesting against.

What makes me laugh about the situation is that the people who are mainly hating against, are, let’s face it, white hillbillies. Who have never actually fought for anything in their life. Even trying to say “This isn’t what our soldiers fought for”. Even though a lot of ACTUAL Veterans have come out and stood with Colin Kaepernick, because and I quote:

(Don’t read the comments, most of them are good…but you know people).

If you don’t want to read the whole article, that fine, it is absolutely your right. But PLEASE read this beautifully written article by retired Naval officer Jim Wright…Enjoy your Friday and remember to love each other ❤


6 thoughts on “Irony

  1. The people selling those ridiculous can koozies (or whatever they’re called) are probably the ones who scream 1st Amendment when they’re told to stop saying racist, sexist, disrespectful stuff on the Internet.

    The fact that so few Americans actually understand the Constitution is sad.

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