This or That? #61


This or That? #61

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

How often do you read the description of a book before you read it?

I’m feeling generous today so you have five options:

Always – Almost Always – Sometimes – Almost Never – Never

I would have to go with almost always. It does depend for me though, if it’s a series I’ve been interested or an author that I love, I will hardly every read the descriptions of a book before I’ve read it. In fact, I probably read it afterwards to see if it matches the descriptions. If you can’t describe something simply, you don’t understand it.

The only time I will really read a description is if I’ve never read a book by the author, or have never read the series before. The reason I said almost always is because I always ask for books that I know I want for presents, for Birthday, Christmas etc. So I usually am reading a description because I’m in a bookstore seeing what the book, which I know nothing about, what it may be about…Or even if the book is on sale, does it look interesting?


5 thoughts on “This or That? #61

  1. Almost always. Like you I don’t if it’s a series or by one of my favorite authors, but often times a Title or a cover will catch my eye & I read the description to see if it’s something I’d be interested in reading.

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  2. I have to go with “sometimes.” If I’m poking around on Amazon, I’ll read a description/synopsis to decide if I wanna add a book to my wishlist or not. However, if the Western Canon (by Harold Bloom) lists a book, I usually buy it without looking into what it’s about because I want to read all of them anyway (lifetime goal).

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