Michelle Obama for President!

That lady is a marvel! As I said to my Mum over the weekend that woman has her stuff together! I’m not even sure why she isn’t running, maybe she doesn’t want too. I am from Australia so there might be some kind of law where a partner cannot run for the next term of Presidency. I am not sure why she can’t run, but she really should be!

The Authentic Power of Michelle Obama written by Frank Bruni for the online New York Times (Oct 15, 2016)

I admired the lady before, the work she does for underprivileged children, mainly girls, I already thought that she was a powerhouse, but lately…Phowar!


3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama for President!

  1. As an American, let me say that there’s no law/rule against a current President’s spouse running for President in the next term. In fact, the rules on who can run for President are really simple – be over 35, be an American citizen (& living as a citizen, I think, for 14+ years, or be born to at least one American citizen if born abroad)… & that’s it.

    I totally agree that Michelle Obama needs to run. I would vote for her in a heartbeat. But, it’s my opinion that she saw the racist vitriol being lobbied at her husband, her children, & herself, during Obama’s presidency, & the sexist vitriol being lobbied at Hillary Clinton during her run this year, & she probably thinks she doesn’t want to deal with the double-dose she’d get hit with. Or, maybe she wants a little family time once her husband is out of office.

    I’m still hoping she’ll run some day in the future. Fingers crossed!!!

      1. No, she can’t start running 3 weeks before an election. I’m pretty sure there’s some deadline, but, like most Americans, I have no idea when it actually is. LOL

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