Probably not the first words that you want to see on a Monday morning…or maybe you do, I’m not here to judge you and your freakish ways (I am totally not being serious by the way ~.^).

However, I came across this article over the weekend and I thought that I would share it with you.

A new Canadian study finds exercise, anger may trigger heart attacks

According to the article going out to do a “full-on” exercise routine when you are particularly angry may actually increase your chances of getting a heart attack. I guess because working out when you are angry increases, pretty much everything. Your heart rate increases, your breathing does…EVERYTHING!

Which I found interesting, because I don’t know about everyone else, that’s the time I go out and have a long quick walks. I used to do them all the time in a past relationship! I used to just take off and go for a long walk.

Being angry or upset doubled the risk of suffering heart attack symptoms within an hour; heavy physical exertion did the same. Having both at the same time more than tripled the risk for a heart attack. The risk was greatest between 6 p.m. and midnight, and was independent of other factors such as smoking, high blood pressure or obesity.

I guess my question to you is what would you do instead? Do you, my lovely readers, have other ways to calm yourself down? Personally, I like listening to music, to soothe me.


5 thoughts on “Exercise!!!

  1. That’s a really interesting study! Like the author said, heart attack patients reported whether they were stressed/exercised strenuously before their heart attack, so the information could be a bit skewed. It also says that each person’s definition of “strenuous” & “stress” is different.

    I think those are important facts to keep in mind when you’re thinking about how you handle your own stress.

    Long walks, in my opinion, are still a good idea when you’re stressed out/angry. I mean, if you don’t exercise ever, your body might think walking is strenuous exercise, but that depends on your personal habits. Maybe listening to soothing music while walking would help too? (I did a report in my college Communications class on how human hearts will actually “sync up” with the beat of the music to which they’re listening… apparently, it wasn’t ground-breaking research though… everyone knew about it… LOL)

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      1. The one I did in college? Oh dear… no, that one is long gone. I even looked on my external hard drive, but it appears I only kept writing from my English classes. & one math class, for some reason. Plus, that was an oral report (it was a mandatory public speaking class), so, if I had anything, it probably would have been my notes.

        If you’d like, I could try to find something online that’s comparative to it.

        It’s neat that someone would be interested in it. Thank you, & I’m sorry I don’t have it anymore!

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