This or That? #60


This or That? #60

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Which do you enjoy more: reading or writing?

You already know that you can’t say both, so don’t try it.

I have to say that while I enjoy doing both, I prefer to read. Some may call me laid-back or non proactive. I prefer to read other people’s work, especially the great writers! Sometimes it helps to motivate myself to write as well. It’s also really relaxing to read another writers books, especially on those lovely sunny days, instead of getting frustrated at not being able to write yourself! Sometimes I have found that reading something well written, or just something I’ve enjoyed, helps me to unblock my writers book as well.

I also find reading something can sometimes also help you to learn something, rather than you getting stuck in your own patterns.

14 thoughts on “This or That? #60

  1. I never asked, but am I allowed to respond to you & Rae (Bookmark Chronicles)? I figure, since you’re both collecting your own data, you won’t mind if I respond to each This or That on both your pages… but I wanted to ask first. 🙂

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      1. Wonderful!!

        In that case, reading is way more enjoyable for me. I find myself constantly worried about how someone reading my work will respond to it – will they like it? Dislike it? Not know what this word means? Notice I’ve repeated a word in the same paragraph? The list goes on & on & on. I find myself compulsively editing before I’ve even finished writing.

        Still, I love writing. I’ve done it since I was old enough to… y’know… write (I’ve also read since I was taught how). Rae gave me some good tips to keep in mind when I’m writing/trying to write. I hope to utilize them soon enough.

        But, reading is (usually) far less stressful!

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      2. I can completely understand, I write some things for fun sometimes and I would never share them with others. Mainly because I would get to worried and my list goes on as well,lol


      3. I have trouble even when I’m writing things for fun & don’t expect anyone to read them. Something in my brain is overly critical. But, like I said, Rae gave me some good tips… essentially “eff them.” LOL

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      4. I mean, there’s no hard & fast rule about word count, but I’ve done some work writing online content & I know a lil bit about how people read online.

        Let’s just say, they’re usually not big fans of long posts/articles.

        So, when I have that in mind, I stress over my blog posts. & I don’t know how to shut that part of my brain up!

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