Letting it Go

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life, where you are just tired of it all? You just need it all to stop and to go away? Where do you even start to do something like that when you live in a small town, where you constantly bump into people you know…Or at the very least someone who knows the person you know.

I am just at that point where I’m done. I am so tired of people who neither appreciate me or even try to understand. My world can feel so lonely sometimes and I hate how it’s made to feel that way by people who are supposed to care. The thing that gets to me, is that I introduced half my friends to each other and they hang out and keep “liking” each other things, while leaving me out! How does that even happen?

My “friends” make me feel like I’m some kind of horrible person and I’m so tired of it. I’ve stopped going on Facebook, other than to message people, because I’m tired. The only thing is I have to keep going on to check my messages and I cannot figure out how to hide it so people can’t see I’m on at all. The only place I feel 100% “safe” anymore is on my Blog and when I’m chatting with my Safari Live family.

Readers, so when you have been in a situation like this, what do you do? Do you just stop all contact until you figure yourself out? I feel alone at a crossroads, I definitely don’t trust anyone enough to just listen to me. I kind of just want a new life, with my partner and my family though. Just new friends =/ What about yourselves? Have you just gotten sick and tired of your “friends”?

14 thoughts on “Letting it Go

  1. If people who are supposed to be your friends are making your life more stressful instead of improving it, cut them out. I know that’s easier said than done and maybe sleep on it first and see how your next encounter goes but nothing is worse than feeling unappreciated by people who you care about (trust me, I’ve been there with my own parent). But really, sometimes you just gotta get rid of people who bring extra baggage.
    Taking a “Me day” helps. Go to your favorite places all day long and spoil yourself a bit while you think it through šŸ™‚

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  2. It sounds like you just need a break from everything. Cuddle up inside and watch some good movies, and try and ignore the rest of the world for a day. Toxic friends are absolutely awful, and it can be tricky to get away. If you can though, see if you can start hanging out with other people you don’t know as well yet. And of course, keep writing on here! I know my Internet people keep me sane, hopefully we can do the same for you ā™„

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  3. Yes, I have. I have been through hell and back, and sometimes I keep going to hell.
    I don’t know if you’ve read parts of my story, so I’ll link the blog posts at the end for you. It might help.
    I got sick. And then they abandoned me. But it wasn’t just abandonment. It was cruel. It was made clear that I wasn’t included in every single way, shape and form. They’d all be together – and check in on Facebook – and then lie and say it was “random” and “spur of the moment” and they’d forgotten me. I worked with some of them, and they’d ignore me at work.
    And the mutual friends? Between us and those girls? They didn’t pick me. No one picked me. No one chose me. No one listened to my side. It was so painful to see those in between with others. It still is. I have, to this day, no idea where I stand with some people. I feel like I’m the only one who makes the effort with some of these people. I feel like I’m walking on egg shells and I’m not allowed to talk about what happened.
    It’s the worst feeling in the world, especially because two of the girls blocked me, so I feel like there’s so much I don’t know. And that’s maybe even worse.

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  4. There have been many times in my life when I’ve thought “enough is enough – its time to move on,” whether its been romantic relationships, family, friendships. You always know the exact point where you’ve had enough and its time to leave the party. Ive found that its far better to be lonely for a while, then to be around people who don’t make you feel good. And even though we all use it, we all know that social media is something of a double edged sword. When I’m having down days, I find its best not to log on.

    I’ve always found that when it comes to toxic people, cutting them out of your life completely is the only solution – unless its family in which case I keep them at two arms length even though I wish I could cut them off completely. Haha!

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      1. I just also have issue with a lot of topics on Facebook where people just attack others and if they are wrong, they just wont own up too it. I have a hard time not saying anything, but it is just like hitting your head against a wall.

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      2. Omg! When Brexit happened it was very painful to see people attacking each other just because they had different opinions. It also brought out a side to people I know that I didn’t know existed. In order to maintain friendships, I decided to take a break from social media.

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