This or That? #57


This or That? #57

This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know:

If you were to publish a book which would you choose between writing a novel or a collection of short stories?

I have to confess that I was excited and both apprehensive about this question when I first saw it. Mainly because in my free time and although it would probably never get published and I wouldn’t even be able to guarantee I’ll ever finish. I have been writing a novel for probably about two years now?

Before that though I was writing a tv series so to speak, and both of these have been based off of games that I’ve been playing at the time. The novel that I’m writing at the moment in based off a character that I made with my now ex called Bloom from the Monster Hunter games. He made drawing of each of our characters (we played with a few others) and from there I made up this whole history of mine. With the tv series, it was more I was writing episode ideas. I think from memory I wrote about 20-25 “episodes”. I had all the intention in the world to write up a proper episode ‘script’ for each episode. Which might end up being like a long novel.

I’m not even sure that I could write a collection of short stories as I tend to get one idea and then it turns into this whole thing. I tend to expand, rather than keeping it short.

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