So I completely and utterly stole this from Hot Shot Headlines, you should all go over and check them out! They have some posts about posts that can help you when you find yourself in a Writing or Blog book, and they have some amazing ideas under their “Writing Prompts” category. Since I am going through this right now, I am finding it such a great help!

I also thought that this would be an interesting way to help wake people up on another Monday morning. Something interesting to talking about over the water fountains…I have completely forgotten the expression!

Here are my…5 biggest confessions!

  • I have been struggling with a form of anxiety for the last month or so, something I have never had before. It makes me angry that my Doctor would not give me medication because apparently me not feeling like I’m going to die, isn’t good enough. So I’ve been taking natural medication and I got that from my Chemist. I’d prefer to visit the Chemist than my Doctor and I highly recommend people seeing their Chemist over their Doctor. Only my Mum, Gran and partner know what’s been going on with me as well.
  • There are some days I feel like I’m being “fake”. What I mean by that is I’m more laid back than others. Some things may annoy me, I have learnt how to handle my annoyance and anger better over the years. However, this isn’t always seen a good thing. Unless it’s something life/ physical/ mental/ safety/ spiritually violent or attacking with malice, I tend to be more “chilled”. I just feel it unnecessary to be nasty.
  • I feel sometimes I have lot more common sense that other people. I am not intellectually smart. I guess this relates to the above question really. Any time I’ve been attacked, when I haven’t done anything wrong, especially by people (mainly other girls) I’ve never even met before, this p&*sses me off no end and I have no respect for these people either. (This has happened to me twice, no joke, never met them). Neither do I respect the ones who stop being friends me, thinking it’ll impress the other person. It doesn’t hurt me, I just don’t respect it and find it unnecessary. If I make you feel insecure, that’s your issue not mine, so stop trying to destroy my life and well being.
  • There are some people, although I’ve forgiven them. I am still waiting for an apology. Probably will never happen though!
  • I have this horrible habit of if everyone else is doing it, I don’t want to do it. I’ve wanted to get back into dancing again recently, but everybody keeps telling me I should do it because another girl is doing it, which makes me not want to do it. So I’ve started doing it again, privately, in my own home. I hate myself for it, I want to be able to say loud and proud, that I’m doing it again, but I don’t want everyone saying that I’m copying. Even though I have actually been dancing for more than half my life. Not that that should matter.

8 thoughts on “Confessions!

  1. I don’t think being laid back – as you described it – is being fake at all. Of course, you know better than I do, I’m just giving my (unrequested) opinion. Personally, I think it’s a decent approach to life & I try to be the same way (although some of my friends know me for having a pretty nasty temper when provoked).

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      1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, if that means anything. lol

        If people ask me that, I look at what they get mad about. Most people, I find, get mad over stupid stuff… like, someone cut them off in traffic or someone said something they felt was unflattering. Of course, as a human being, we all have fleeting moments of “riled temper,” but, if it goes beyond a few minutes, it had better be darned important!

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      2. I keep trying to tell my (74-year-old) Dad that he needs to cool it while he’s driving, because one day someone is going to whip out a gun or something. Dad is my polar opposite – he gets angry over the smallest event. Maybe that explains my “it’s cool” attitude; I’ve seen how destructive getting mad over small stuff can be. Who knows where it comes from, though. People who are less inclined towards anger have lower instances of stroke & heart-attack, I’ve heard.

        What kind of traffic fights have you seen?

        I have the feeling that it has always been a scary place. Now we have road rage, in the past we had a life expectancy of 35 & death during childbirth was practically a guarantee. Soooo… still scary, only different scary.

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      3. Oooh. When you said you’d seen “traffic fights,” I thought you meant you saw one of those awful traffic/road-rage incidents you read about in the news. I’m glad that you didn’t witness anything like that.

        I’ve had tooooons of people do that. So much so that I don’t even think it’s weird anymore!

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