Reading Rules!

Yes! I strongly believe that there are rules one needs to follow when Reading. This rules mainly apply to those who are new to reading, especially when you are an adult and are interesting in reading again. As well as some rules for anyone who reads regularly.

Dr Suess, Reading

  • Never make yourself read if you’re not willingly to, it doesn’t matter if the novel is popular or you’ve been reading the series. If you’re not ready, you are not ready.
  • Make sure that you give yourself at 3 hours a week of quiet reading time a week. Even if it’s an hour before bed.
  • Personally I find that I can never read with only half an hour before bed, because I get too involved and then go to bed late.
  • Read during work lunch breaks. It’s amazing even with only 30 minutes for lunch, how much of a break for your mind that is.
  • If you do read at work, make sure it’s a book you are enjoying. Otherwise, feeling frustrated and disappointed during work, can make your work day seem worse.

What about yourself readers? Do you have any rules or suggestions when it comes to reading?


3 thoughts on “Reading Rules!

  1. Not really … I just read when I want to, and whenever I can 🙂 I think I’d go crazy if I went more than a few days without a book.

  2. Always bring a book to whatever appointments you have! I have a lot of doctors’ appointments, so I always carry a book with me there (it helps sooooo much when the doctor is running late; plus, all the magazines are old & suck because I don’t like popular culture & celebrity worship…. but that’s just me & I don’t judge anyone who does like it!). I also bring a book to the gym when my gym buddy might run late, I’ll bring one today to when I lay my car up to get my airbag replaced so it won’t kill anyone… really anywhere!

    I have a fix for before bedtime reading to make sure I don’t get too into a book that I stay up super late reading & so I can “cool down” before I try to fall asleep – I switch from my current book to an extensive collection of Garfield cartoon books. It allows me to decompress & to not worry about getting so sleepy I can’t concentrate, perhaps missing important nuances. If I fall asleep on top of a cartoon book, who cares?

    Also, I’m a bit of a Garfield addict. But that’s besides the point. 😉

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