This or That? #52


This or That? #52

So last week we talked about reading reviews. This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know…

Do you write book reviews? Why or why not? And if so where do you post them? (Goodreads, WordPress, Youtube etc.)

I have been trying to write reviews on my WordPress, I even tried “writing” reviews as a Vlog. Something went wrong with the type of media I was using and every time I would try to upload, the volume would cut out. It would cut out everywhere, I would literally have to turn my computer on and off to get the sound back.

I have been really bad with my reading this year though and I have been finding myself reviewing films more than books. Also because of this I have not really been using my Goodreads page much this year. I have done 23 reviews though overall. If you do want to follow me though, you can find my page here:

Goodreads – Lolsys Library

8 thoughts on “This or That? #52

  1. I sent you a Goodreads friend request because I’d love to see your reviews! 🙂

    I’ll paraphrase what I said over on B.C.’s page: I started writing Goodreads reviews a little while back (although I’ve only reviewed a tiny fraction of the books I have listed as “read” on the site). At first, it was just a bit of fun. Then, I started taking notes on a Post-it while I’m reading to use while typing up each review. I see the reviews now as a way to remember what I thought about a book long after I’ve put it away in case I ever consider re-reading it.

    While talking with B.C., I realized that, if Goodreads were to suddenly become defunct, I could lose all my reviews (I don’t think there’s a way to export them, but I haven’t looked into it, TBH). So, I’m thinking I’ll start putting them up on my WordPress account too… just in case. 🙂

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      1. You’re so very welcome! I think you’re absolutely correct. You would think I would have thought of it before now (because I have so many external harddrives & back ups it’s silly), but it didn’t even occur to me!

        I’m excited to have more Goodreads friends. To be honest, my friends occasionally like my GR updates on FB, but there are fewer readers on there. It’s good to have buddies here one WP that read as voraciously as I do!

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      2. I have a lot of external portable hard drives myself and I rarely use them,lol
        I don’t think my FB friends would really like to read my reviews as my friends on WP would!


      3. Even though I rarely use my external HDs, they’re all ridiculously full of stuff. I regularly back up my (ancient) laptop & I’m always worried about them failing since almost everything is on one or the other. I might need a back up, back up, back up ext HD. LOL

        I have to agree. I mean, sometimes a FB friend will click “like” when they see a Goodreads update on my page, but, up until this week, no one had ever seemed to actually read a review I’d written. My Harry Potter & The Cursed Child review, however, got around 4 people commenting. I’d love that kind of response on a regular basis, so I’m definitely going to start posting them on WP.

        How about you – are you reading anything interesting right now? 🙂

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      4. I can totally see how that would be difficult. I know I wouldn’t be able to “get into” either book if I was trying to bounce back & forth between 2 different stories. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself (I know, I know, saying that doesn’t do a lick of good, but I’ll try anyway lol)! See whichever book interests you the most… life’s too short to not read good books. 😉


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