I suffer from psychological anxiety issues, when I get something in my brain, I tend to obsess over it and I have been able to keep it under control until this past weekend and I have not been able to really relax since. My issue is I had an incident a few months ago where I felt trapped but I really needed to go to the toilet. I ended up making it to a toilet in time, but…

Every since then whenever I’m in a situation where I need the toilet and I feel “trapped” I have to convince myself it’s okay I can stop any time and go to a bathroom. It used to happen just on buses. However, this weekend I was being driven somewhere by someone I trusted and because they were running late, we run out the door when they got me. So part way to our location I realised I needed the toilet and asked them to pull into a McDonalds we were passing, they didn’t. They continued, by the time we got back to my house, I was crying and shaking. They think it’s something physically wrong me, they don’t get what they did was physiologically damaging.

This happened on Saturday and since then I now cannot get into a car without feeling anxiety and needing to go to the toilet. So now I am desperately trying to find any solution to distract myself while in car and I don’t drive, so I have to rely on others to take me places. There’s no way I can get buses at the moment. I’ve never been so angry with someone in my life before. Mainly because this person was my mother and I told her about my problems and I live with her and not my partner…Yet.

I can kind of distract myself, but now it’s such a fight and I am so angry about it.

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