This or That? #51


This or That? #51

This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know…

Do you (typically) read reviews of books before you read the book, after you read the book or not at all?

If it’s something I have been waiting for, I wont read the reviews. This is mainly because if it’s something I want to read, it doesn’t matter how bad the reviews are, I am still going to want to read the book. It’s the same thing with really not wanting to read something. If I don’t want to read it and really hate the idea, the reviews wont make a difference either.

If it’s something that I have an interest in reading, but not 100% sold on, I will read the reviews before getting or having a look at the book.

2 thoughts on “This or That? #51

  1. Good answer. I completely concur. The less sure I am about a book, the more reviews I’ll read, preferably a range from 1-star to 5-star to see if I can suss out what’s really going on with that book. Why so much research before reading a book? Because time is short and I hate to DNF!

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