Welcome Back Harry Potter and so long

In case you hadn’t noticed here is another reminder that over the weekend the new J.K. Rowling book came out, at the same time though, more than likely ending the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter: JK Rowling bids farewell to boy wizard at Cursed Child gala (ABC News)

This isn’t to say that JK Rowling is saying that she will never write again, she’s just saying that she’s thinks the whole Harry Potter story-line has now ended.

Did you go out this weekend and snag yourself a copy? Did you dress up? Did you get a hard copy or an electronic (Kindle) copy? We all want to know!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Harry Potter and so long

  1. I haven’t done any of this! Normally I’m the first one there, but I’m not sure about this whole play thing. I wish, so desperately, it had been made into a novel instead.

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