What can I even say?

Someone made a comment to me over the weekend about the whole France, Nice thing and they had noticed that I hadn’t really written anything. It got me to thinking that a)I didn’t realise that I had too, I think people are feeling what they’re feeling and b) I didn’t think anyone noticed when I didn’t write about something on Facebook,lol

This is what I have to say about the situation. I don’t know what to say about the situation anymore.

It feels like every time one of these things, something else will happen the next day. Then people only want to hear and say what they want, not what the truth might actually be. Once the whole Nice, France attack happen…Everyone jumped to the “Kick the Refugees out”…Except, probably close to 90% of the attacks are attacks by people who were born and live in that country. The refugees had nothing to do with it…At all. There is no point kicking someone out who isn’t the problem, the problems will just continue to happen.

We need to start looking at our own backyards, why do these people who were born and raised here, hate their own country so much?

Just as I was writing this, Selena Gomez got into trouble for not talking about everything too apparently,lol


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