My Little Treasure

Over the weekend I obtained a “little” treasure, I call it little because as much as the figurine is little, I actually thought that it was going to a lot smaller!lol…I also swear I am way more happier than my faces appears in the picture, I was trying to take it quickly before I left.


I have loved the Lion King ever since I was little and I have been stalking this particular figurine for about a year and I finally found one that was really cheap, compared the others. Mainly because this one does not come with the box (but still the certificate of authentication). Mufasa has to be one of my favourite all time Disney characters.

I have probably about 4-5 figurines that I could never get rid of and they include: Harley Quinn, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. What about you fellow readers, do you have any special little treasures?


10 thoughts on “My Little Treasure

      1. I have an antique china cabinet I keep tea cups in and I hang the plates on the wall. When I divorced, I had to sell one of my cabinets just to be able to afford to live and sadly, many of my plates are in storage because my home is now very small and no walls to hang them on. But one day, I’ll have them back out and I’ll enjoy seeing them once again, not to mention have the joy of spending the odd dollar here and there at the s0-called antique shops or flea markets to buy one or two!

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