I love…Part 2

So I decided to not only continue on with the whole “love” and inspirational type of thing. I was also inspired by the one of the posts I shared yesterday with you all: What I Love – Victoria Jayne’s Books

You’ll have to mind me this post may go on a lot, but I would also highly suggest that you all do the same and see how it makes you feel afterwards.

I love pretty much all baby animals, and there fat baby animal bellies, when they are full and happy. I love to watch Reign and escape and pretend that I am wearing all of Mary’s outfits. I love my family, they are great and I really love some of my good friends, those ones that are always there. I love to dance, alone and with others. I love music. I love Pippy and Travie, and my Aunt’s dog Zachy. I love my best boyfriend, he’s the best boyfriend ever! I love how safe my close family and boyfriend help me feel in every way that’s important. I love cuddling my partner in bed when it rains. I love writing, even if it’s just to write a few of my random thoughts, I love Blogging I have not enjoyed something so public more. I love safari live (but I’m guessing you can tell that one!). I love all the LotR and Hobbits films (except for the Kili and Fili and how they died), I love escaping in the ethereal of the films. I love all of my pets that have passed. I love to read and I love to read a bit of everything. I love those times I can just play a computer with no feeling of responsibility. I love friends who are loyal and I never have to question, I’m getting sick of having to do that! I love how far I’ve come because of people like that. I love to sing along, by myself, in private.

Please read my previous post at: I love…


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