This or That? #46


This or That? #46

This week Bookmark Chronicles want to know:

How do you feel about breaking the spines of a book?

This is the funny thing about me, when I buy something new, let’s say a new laptop or a new phone. It generally comes with a lot of that plastic type protection stuff, I have no idea what it’s called. I hate taking it off and I get paid out a lot because of it, everyone else can’t seem to yank it off.

So I hate it when I accidentally break a spine. Sometimes though, some books come with the pages so close together that the breakage of the spine is inevitably going to happen. Once it’s happens, I tend to think to myself “Oh well, it happened” But I am very careful with it, just sometimes it seems like it can’t be helped.


3 thoughts on “This or That? #46

  1. Well, finally the answer to one of your questions is one I agree fully with! 🙂

    Any new book I get, by the time I’m done reading it, it still looks new. I have a pretty good sense for whether or not the spine is going to be a problem; and I’m usually careful enough in the way I hold the book that even book spines that are hell-bent on breaking do not do so in my hands. I also use the packing paper that Amazon ships their books and other products in to make covers for new books – even paperback books. If something happens to a book while I’m reading it, however, I do not say ‘oh well, it happens.’ No, I get depressed and irritated about it. The good news is, I’m fairly sure that the last time that happened to me, President Clinton was still an innocent man 😉

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