Can ex’s be friends?

Simple Answer…Yes

Clearly each situation is different. Myself, personally, I am friends and on good terms with at least 80% of mine. One I just can’t see myself ever being friends with for a variety of reasons and the other one…I just don’t trust him…at all. I don’t think anyone should and you should never have anyone in your life if you don’t trust them, that’s not just for ex’s.

I think it always takes time, for every single one of my ex’s that I haven’t or have ended up being friends with, it took time. That’s one of the things about living in a small city, you tend to bump into people a lot…Or at least you know people who know that person.

What brought this topic you may ask? I was recently on Instagram (I’m mainly on there as a lot of the guides from #safarilive post a lot of pictures on there). There was a picture of a guy who had broken up with his girlfriend (ex) and he wrote a respectful tweet about how they had broken but they still respected each other. And the comments were all about how pathetic they are. It was kind of like they’d prefer him to completely trash her instead? What is actually wrong with people?

Personally I would have loved it if any of my ex’s had spoken about me in a respectful way, instead of stabbing me in the back…Repeatedly.

What about you readers, do you think it’s possible to be friends with an ex?


6 thoughts on “Can ex’s be friends?

  1. I do but like you said everyone’s situation is different so it depends on the relationship. I personally am not friends with mine because most of them betrayed me or kind of turned out to be crappy people lol

  2. If I had to speak from my experience, I’d have to say, I’ve tried to bring about a lot of changes in myself lately. And I may have done some horrible mistakes in the past. But these were honest mistakes, brought on because I was not aware of my strength earlier.

    I think if you can see your mistakes, maybe not at the moment, but later, and see where you went wrong, its easier to be friends with that same person again later, and I think that way, it can turn out to be a more enriching relationship.

  3. All depends on the people involved. If they’re 2 selfless people with empathy who still care for each other, then yes, they can be friends ’till the end even though a relationship didn’t work out. But if one of them is devoid of empathy (narcissist) then absolutely not. It’ll be a parasitic friendship, just as the relationship was, and one will just drain the other until the source has nothing left to give and is discarded for a new source.

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