I am alone at a Crossroads

I hate to great you all this morning with such a depressing post. I must also start with saying that I actually scheduled this post, I’m writing this on Tuesday evening to be posted on Thursday. Mainly because my brain is so fuzzy on this Tuesday evening, I want to reread to make sure this makes sense.

So there was three jobs I went for, all three I actually wanted, the selection criteria for these jobs meant that I wrote 6 pages for each. I got no where, no interview, nothing…One that actually made me angry, was a job I got offered a couple of months ago, casual work, but I could just not get there. Yet, somehow I can’t even get an interview for the exact same job at a different Library, but within the same council? I haven’t had an interview for a Library job in nearly two years now!

So once again, I’m stuck. I actually really like my job, but its just not stable. There was a while back where I had no shifts for three weeks. I can’t really afford to do that.

So what do I do know? Do I even bother anymore? I was always told that one you have a job, it’s easier to get another one, not for me it seems. I actually did consider moving interstate at one point, I live in the state with the highest unemployment rate, but I can’t anymore, cause my partner doesn’t want too.


5 thoughts on “I am alone at a Crossroads

  1. I’m sorry to learn you are in such a tough spot right now 😦 Are there other jobs, outside your career field, that you would be qualified to do? Does the State supplement your income – if not, would this be an option for you? Regarding finding work outside of the state you live in, I don’t want to mix myself into your personal life; but a few things came to mind and I’d rather give my opinion openly and in its entirety than water it down. As long as you are the one who is responsible for providing for yourself, your needs are dictated by your circumstances. If steady work is available for you somewhere else, and not where you live, and your partner is not providing for you (due to the nature or status of either your wishes or your relationship); then the decision to go where you stand a better chance at providing for yourself is one you must consider. That your partner is content to remain where s/he is becomes a secondary consideration at that point, hard as that may seem – s/he will then have to decide whether the relationship or current location is what will lead to the greater happiness. I know of what I speak here, having once left family, friends, career and country behind to follow my heart. If you have no real choice but to go, remaining or following becomes your partner’s choice.

    I wish you luck!

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  2. I guess all you can do is keep trying. I’m in a completely different situation, I’m going into university soon, but I’m struggling in the same way. Getting a couple of interviews, but mostly no responses, and never an actual job. So yeah, just keep trying, and don’t give up! You’ll have to get there sometime 🙂

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