This or That #45


This or That #45

Many of you probably won’t enjoy this question very much but…..which is worse:

Having some of the middle chapters of a novel missing


Missing the first and last chapters

I think having the first and last chapters missing, especially the last chapter would be horrible! Never knowing what the ending was, I love Agatha Christie and you never find out who the killer is until the very end and they always explain how they killed the person and that’s my favourite part of the whole book.

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8 thoughts on “This or That #45

  1. My answer is opposite yours – I read a book for the story, and the story (for me at least) is what happens between the first and last chapters. The first chapter with a lot of fiction is simply an introduction – and even when it isn’t, a lot of what takes place in it will be referred to throughout the book – so the missing information from the first chapter can usually be picked up by reading the development of the story. As for the denouement and conclusion, we already covered in another post of yours that I have little difficulty with the idea of speculating about the outcome of a story for a very long time.

    In the end, though, the middle of the book gives me enough information to decide whether or not I’d like to go out and spend the money it would take to purchase another, complete copy of the book 😉

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