Push out the Jive, Bring in the Love

Jive Mr Burns

I’ve been thinking a lot since the Orlando Pulse Shootings…All the horrible things that have happened just in the past week. It is hard to see any good side to anything at the moment, isn’t it? We are definitely at a point in our lives, where we have to make our own happiness, as there seems so little of it out there.

So this weekend I am planning on making a little happy magic for myself. My partner and I are having a movie marathon and I have finally bought myself some polymer clay for me to start playing and moulding with.


5 thoughts on “Push out the Jive, Bring in the Love

      1. I enjoyed both of them, but especially with Warcraft I’ve always preferred the mythical and fantasy genre more. They are both really good though. Independence Day was a little cheesy, but I kind of expected it though. Both are good at the cinemas though.

      2. Do you play WoW? Independence Day is one I’m nervous about. I remember seeing the first one at the cinema. Watching the people as they came out, most of them had dopey, half-dazed grins on their faces … the last time I remembered seeing a movie effect so many people that way was Return of the Jedi. Sometimes a sequel pays off, and the magic works a second time … and sometimes it’s best just to leave well enough be.

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