Winter Drinks

We are now going through the middle of Winter and it is cold and I am not very good during the cold weather and I have been looking at some lovely hot, steamy drinks…So I am going to share some of them I am planning on making this Winter, I just have to figure out the amount that these recipes makes: What are some of your favourite Winter beverage recipes? any family favourites or classics?

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Recipe

Mulled Wine *looks SO easy to make!*

Easy Nutella Dessert

6 thoughts on “Winter Drinks

  1. I don’t really like drinking much besides water and tea. Seriously. Hot chocolate makes me feel sick (even though I think it’s yummy – I have a problem with handling sugar), and I hate the taste of softdrink (which is probably a good thing, considering my stomach reacts poorly to sugar). But I love hot tea. My friend got me this amazing Breakfast Blend from a little store in Byron Bay, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever had. The best tea, hands down, I’ve ever tasted. I love it black with a little bit of honey.

    I make a stew. I use a lot of veggies – peas, carrot, corn, broccoli, potatoes, and some meat. I use an organic stock (without garlic or onion, because I’m allergic to both) and a little red wine and a bit of tomato paste (sugar and salt free) to thicken it up (because I’m allergic to gluten/wheat so I can’t use barley or anything to thickening it). I think it’s really nice. I sometimes add lentils. But that’s basically the recipe – I just put it on slow cook for a few hours.

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