This or That #43


This or That #43

Which of these would you prefer?

Having the ending of a book spoiled 


Never knowing what happens?

Having the ending of a book spoiled, definitely. I’m not sure that I could live without ever knowing. Take a look at my last ex, I have no idea what turned and it drives me nuts to this day!lol…Never knowing what happens would just slowly eat away at me, it would be all I could think of, consume my every thought. I would not be able to live without knowing.


5 thoughts on “This or That #43

  1. Good question 🙂 I would prefer to not know what happens, than to have the ending spoiled for me. One of the reasons why I enjoy a good book is because of the drive I feel to absorb and immerse myself in the story. I like to guess what might happen in a few pages, and I like to guess at the endings. If I never actually find out what happens in a book, then I can still feel the drive, I can still wonder and replay the story in my mind to guess at where it might eventually lead. If someone spoils the ending, that all gets taken from me – there is no need to read further, the drive to do so simply disappears. It’s an interesting irony, I guess – I am fairly well-versed in science and technology; yet as a Pagan, I still enjoy the feeling of wondering and guessing more than I do the feeling of certainty, as that is where the real magic is to be found.

    Case in point, I am currently in the last few hundred pages of the last book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I started reading this series in 1993. After a few books, I didn’t have the time to read further and I put the series down, eventually selling the books I owned before moving overseas. This past year, I decided to reverse course and bought all of the books in the series. I started over from the beginning, and have read the books back-to-back. Over 20 years have passed, and I never once allowed myself to read a spoiler for the series – yet I always wondered. When the newest Star Wars movie came out, as another example, I refused to see it in the cinema because where I live, the movie wasn’t available in the original English; and it was important to me to see the movie in its original form, without any redubbing and the potential to lose something in the experience just because a translator decided to interject their own meanings into a dialogue. I waited until the film was released for home viewing – the whole time, I avoided visiting any Star Wars sites, I avoided conversations about the movie, commercials, or anything else that I thought had anything to do with the plot line. Thus I was treated to all sorts of surprises when I finally put the BluRay on over a bag of popcorn. And I can say that it was definitely worth it – as I’m sure I will say within the next few days when I close the last WoT book and open a bottle of blackberry wine I’ve been saving for this very occasion 🙂

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