8 thoughts on “Them Winter blues

  1. Do you not much care for the winter? I used to feel that way about the summer, of all seasons; but now I enjoy them all. The summers where I live are pretty mild compared to where I come from, the springs here are a real joy to see – the world just explodes back to life here overnight it seems, the winters are almost always covered in grey clouds and with a good, cold drizzle. Then there is the autumn – this has always been my favorite season, and it is the time of year I literally live for!

      1. The only thing I like is being warm inside on a rainy night,lol … I just don’t like it, it makes me feel miserable and like I can’t do anything and just have to stay inside the whole time.

      2. Would it help for you to train yourself to looking forward to the warmth and dryness of staying indoors? By that I mean actually let yourself celebrate wintry evenings with music, a warm tea or coffee, and a blanket on your lap while reading or watching something on television? I have some experience with this as I come originally from a brutally hot and dry climate; yet now live in a place where, when it gets warm in the summers, the humidity is nearly unbearable. It was a huge adjustment for me; but in the end, I taught myself to look forward to the showers I would take to relieve the sweat and stickiness. Eventually, I found myself looking for excuses to move around so I could enjoy the showers even more. Before I knew it, I found myself looking forward to the season and the temperatures.

      3. At the very least, it gives you something to occupy your mind with other than the dread and misery for the season – I wish you luck with this, and hope it will help 🙂

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